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Dear Parents

As players who had tremendous parental support throughout our careers, we appreciate your level of support to your son. 


Wicked Lacrosse is designed to improve your child’s lacrosse skill set.  Through practice, drills, repetition and hard work, you son’s skill will grow, making him a better individual and team player.   We encourage you, to encourage your son to understand just that.  Players will be asked to work hard at mastering the skills and drills we have set before them at any clinic of training session, and understanding that level of commitment going in, will only help the product that comes out.


We also encourage you to come and watch, learn for yourself, and pick up and tips or tricks you may see to help your son grow his game outside of Wicked Lacrosse.  The only thing we don’t encourage is parental participation in the Wicked Lacrosse Clinics.


Again, we, and your son, both thank you for your support in developing your son’s game.




Shaun & Todd



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