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Wicked Lacrosse programs


Wicked Lacrosse Clinics
Wicked Lacrosse clinics are designed to teach and promote the game of lacrosse, through emphasis of proper technique and repetition.  During a Wicked Lacrosse clinic, players will work to master every level of fundamental technique, such as stick work, footwork, individual skills and game philosophy.


Additionally, each clinic will focus on a specific “Wicked Skill”, such as shooting, one-on-one offense or defense, uneven situations, 6 on 6 offense and defense and game scenarios. 


Each clinic will allow a player to develop, maintain and improve on their level of fundamentals, so when game play begins, they are equipped with the proper technique to excel.

Small Group Sessions
Wicked Lacrosse believes that small group training is a key essential to a player’s development because it targets quicker and more frequent repetitions. In turn, the more you repeat a task the more second nature that skill becomes. We are able to focus on specific fundamentals in a shorter span to reinforce the skill presented. Wicked Lacrosse offers this training to all levels and encourages players to attend as many to sharpen each fundamental aspect of lacrosse. There can be multiple levels of ability within a small group and every player still benefits from the training. We can also take small groups of the same ability or age and gain development from skilled play.

Please note that Small Group Training can be 45mins to an hour long depending on the program available.  Pricing is based on time length of clinic.


One on One Training

Wicked Lacrosse offers individual training sessions to work one-on-one with our skilled trainers in all of the fundamental skills we offer. The bonus of individual training is that you are alone with the coach and are not interrupted allowing you to focus more and develop your skills faster. Wicked Lacrosse understands that each player learns differently and we have adapted our training to maximize development for everyone.  

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