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Is Wicked Lacrosse right for you?

How do you know if Wicked Lacrosse is right for you? If you fall into the any of the categories below, Wicked Lacrosse is the right place to work on your skills in the off-season.

1. Are you a beginner lacrosse player? Have you just started playing, or thinking about playing lacrosse? Wicked Lacrosse can and will teach you the fundamentals you need to begin your lacrosse career, doing things the right way. Wicked Lacrosse will instill the proper techniques and skills to make sure you can confidently go into a practice or tryout knowing you can compete in all areas of the game.

2. Are you an intermediate player who has been playing for a few years, but needs to take your game to the next level? Or do you need to work on a few specific skills so that you can compete with the better players on your team to get more playing time. Wicked Lacrosse will help you focus on the areas you need to improve by focusing on the fundamentals in those areas. Using the proper techniques, you will gain the confidence in your game that you need to the next step to becoming a dominant player.

3. Are you an experienced, highly skilled player who is looking to hone and fine tune your skills? Wicked Lacrosse has the knowledge and experience of what it takes to play at the highest levels and can work with you on specifics and details of your game like shooting from the outside or inside, perfecting your dodges, playing individual defense and face-offs. Each clinic will give you the opportunity to continue to develop your skill set that will make you an even better, more dominant player when you return to the field in the spring showcasing your skills.

If you fall into any of those categories, Wicked Lacrosse and its methods will be a benefit to your game and your career, by making you a better player in the off-season. Sign up today at

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