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Wicked – a New England slang to add emphasis…to Lacrosse


Wicked Lacrosse was formed to teach and improve the fundamentals of lacrosse, to players of all ages. 


     The game of lacrosse is growing at a rapid pace.  However, a major challenge in the growth of a player is the continued development of his or her skill set.  In collaboration with many high school and college coaches, there is a clear need for ongoing fundamental concentration for all players


     This is where Wicked Lacrosse comes in.  Wicked Lacrosse is designed for players to focus on growth and development at every skill level.  So as a player, you are always focused on further development to always be playing better.  Wicked Lacrosse will provide coaching, teaching, insight, tips and an environment to help players improve their level of play in the off-season, so that when the season begins, you have refined your skills and allowed yourself to develop leaps and bounds above your competition. 


     Why is this the program for you?  Other programs out there include traveling lacrosse camps during summer.  Those programs do not focus on player development and have actually been  proven not to advance a player’s actual skill level.  While those programs are great for team play, players are not improving their individual skills at these gameplay tournaments.  We have found both high school level and college level lacrosse programs are struggling because of it. 


     Paul Rabil, Larry Bird and Tom Brady did not get better by sitting out in the off-season.  They practiced.  And they practiced more.  They set out to improve an area of their game they were not efficient in, or wanted to master.  With Wicked Lacrosse, players now have a place where they can do just that, with proper instruction, and come back the following season a wicked better player.


Don't believe us?  Let some other people tell you how important practice is:


  • "It's unique to sports that so much of the hard work is done in practice." - Paul Rabil


  • “I think the thing that I’ve learned over the years is you have to pay the price in advance. You just can’t go out on the field and expect to be better without putting the time in, extra effort,” - Tom Brady


  • "Whenever I see something I like in a player I go out and practice it until I am good at it.” - Lyle Thompson


  • "I don't know if I practiced more than anybody, but I sure practiced enough. I still wonder if somebody - somewhere - was practicing more than me" - Larry Bird


  • "We need to keep stringing together good practices, good days, consistent improvement and there’s really no shortcut to it. This is where we build our fundamentals" - Bill Belichick


  • "As far as practicing every day, the way I see it is that there is no way throughout the year that a team would even sniff the Final Four if they not only practiced every day, but put in extra work as individuals after. For me, shooting extra before and after practice prepares me for each game every weekend. There's no better way to gain confidence for a game than to feel completely comfortable with your stick" - Paul Rabil


Here is Quint Kessenich's article on practice, or lack thereof:


The Wicked Lacrosse Vision

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