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High School and Experienced Player Development


If you are a high school or experienced player looking to improve all aspects of your game, Wicked Lacrosse and its group or individual clinics are for you.  At Wicked Lacrosse, we work with high school and experienced players to master the skills they already have, maximizing their potential.  We work on technique, form and function, to make sure they are playing at the best of their ability.  We will push players to improve, and challenge them to recognize their own improvement.


We work closely with players on improvements in shooting technique within their natural shooting form, breaking down dodging to master each move with in the players arsenal and feeding to proper locations and timing to put their teammates in the best position to succeed.  We also work on the crucial mental element of lacrosse. Knowing when to do what can make the difference between goals, wins, and playing time.


Our goal is to take players to a higher level of lacrosse through skill building, tip and tricks and most important repetition.  We coach, in a small player to coach ratio, every player to get better at playing lacrosse.  Our game like drills break down the game into its simplest form that will help the player recognize and translate these learned skills to the field, where it matters most.

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