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Wicked Lacrosse offers individual one-on-one and small group training training for beginners and experienced players.  One-on-one training may consist of learning proper stick skills for a beginner, with drills to work on at home, an experienced attackman perfecting his dodging and feeding skills from behind the net, or a midfield learning the proper technique of shooting on the run.  Whatever the need, general or specific, Wicked Lacrosse Individual Training will allow players of all levels to improve dramatically. 


Small Group Training

At Small Group Training players will have the opportunity to focus on a single skill, or a few skills for that session, with hands on coaching for skill mastery.  Small Group Training will be have drills for proper shooting mechanics, shooting from the outside, finishing near the crease, one-on-one dodging moves and techniques, one-on-one defense, face-offs and goalie play.  With all players in the small group focused on the same task, it creates an environment to work hard and get better.

Please contact us for more information about our these training options.

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