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Youth Development


Youth Players from First Year Beginners to Elite Caliber Competitors will benefit from training with Wicked Lacrosse.  We challenge each player within their skill set to bring their game to the next level through hard work, high repetitions, and relentless reinforcement of the fundamentals of lacrosse.  During each session or program, players are given game like drills and situations that will benefit them during game play.  While incorporating these key elements into our drills, we include high repetition to create the muscle memory and develop the skill set for when the opportunity presents itself during a live game. 


Simply playing lacrosse year round does not gaurantee improvement.  At Wicked Lacrosse, we understand that there are many ways to shoot, pass and carry the ball.  We teach players to play using the fundamentals and develop their muscle memory and skill sets to eventually be able to master all of the necessary lacrosse skills.  Players are never judged, scored, or categorized while working within the Wicked Lacrosse.  We will ask players to join us with an open mind and together we will achieve those goals. 


We welcome all players of different abilities with open arms and look to make improvements every time we meet.  We encourage players to grow within our programs and take what we teach out on their own to further develop their skills.  We offer many different training and development programs and every session we keep less that a 10:1 player to coach ratio.



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